What is Opti Page?

Opti Page is a personal search page that provides you with the best of what the web has to offer.
Our mission is to make it easier than ever to navigate the web and find exactly
what you are searching for in your way.

Opti Page is a search offer that offers other software through the installation process.
This search offer allows the software developer to earn for his developing and marketing effort,
and allows you to use the software and many other softwares free of charge.
This means that more people get to enjoy a wide variety of software for free,
while experiencing the most personal browsing search tools available.

What are the differences between using Opti Page and other search pages?

When using Opti Page you will have the ability to explore the web and to build a personalized
custom homepage to enhance your online experience at the same time.
Our platform allows you to easily create your homepage in seconds!

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