Remove Opti-page from default Search engines

  • Open firefox.
  • go to "preferences".
  • go to "Search" tab.
  • in "Default Search Engine" choose the wanted search engine.

Remove Opti-page from Home page

  • Open firefox.
  • go to "preferences".
  • go to "General" tab.
  • click on "Restore to Default" or in the "Home page:" box enter the URL you wish to set as your homepage.

Remove Opti-page from New tab

  • Open firefox.
  • Type: about:config in the address bar and press enter.
  • Confirm the message.
  • Type: browser.newtab.url in the Search text field.
  • in the pop up window enter the wanted new tab url.
  • click "OK".

Remove Opti Page Toolbar from Add-ons manager

  • Open firefox.
  • From the Firefox orange button (Or from the standard Tools menu), click Add-ons.
  • In Add-ons manager left side menu bar, make sure Extensions is selected.
  • Disable or remove the Opti Page Toolbar add-on.
  • Restart the browser.

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